Grinding Ball Production Line

Model:φ40mm-φ120mm Length 2.6 m

Scope:Widely used in coal slurry, quartz sand, silica sand, bauxite and other metals, non-metallic mineral processing industry.

The production efficiency of the patented automatic rotary-cut roll forging steel ball production line developed and produced independently by Huamin Steel Ball is 30 times higher than that of the traditional air forging hammer. The equipment feeds materials automatically and uses a medium-frequency induction furnace for heating. The round bar steel is heated quickly and evenly and has little surface fire consumption. After the automatic thermal cutting, the steel rod is extruded by two spiral rollers for continual roll forging. It can produce 120-200 small steel balls every minute and 70-80 medium-sized steel balls every minute. The production efficiency and product quality both reach the national leading level.


Rotary-cut Steel Ball Production Flow

Hot-rolled Round Bar Steel—Incoming Inspection—Automatic Feeding—Medium-frequency Induction Heating—Automatic Rotary-cut Roll Forging Modeling—Isothermal—Quenching By Drum-type Quenching Machine—Tempering By Continuous Tempering Furnace—Inspection—Storage—Packaging

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